Wicked Broadway show puts twist on a classic

There is more to the classic story “The Wizard of Oz”, wicked musical and the general public of Wisconsin will soon have an opportunity to see the alternate turns and turns of themselves in the “evil” musical group.

“It is completely different in the sense that it is the story that we do not know,” said actor Kurt Hansen, who plays a major role, Prince Fierro. “It is a more realistic and courageous image of these characters that we deem inhuman. You know these characters on a more intimate level.”

Bad guys” removes parts of the classic story by adding dark twists and narration depth. A group of Broadway artists will travel to Madison to perform the shows throughout March. The Overfor Arts Center will present “Sinister” from Wednesday, March 11th to Sunday, March 29th. This year’s Munchkinland Tour takes “Wicked” to more than ten US cities. UU. With the show spending a few weeks at a time everywhere to attract more local and state audiences.

Hansen, 32, grew up in Hartford, Wisconsin. This will be the first time that a “villain” has performed in his original state. Hansen said he sees some similarities between his education and the program itself, including his basic messages about the importance of being oneself and being honest with a moral compass in the face of adversity.

Hansen said that the cast, who travel together during the tour, are testing new places and memories together, and these relationships translate into the big stage for better shows. Hansen said the theater’s dancers, Wicked broadway tickets and artists are also an integral part of the process of inspiring creativity and building a good relationship.

One of the challenges in acting for different audiences across the country, Hansen said, is knowing which jokes or scenes will be best for some audiences. Over time, staff members discover new ways to present the same Wicked broadway musical lines or musical numbers.

The “bad guys” story tells the story of the origin of the “Faba”, which was later known as the “evil witch in the West” in the original “Witch of Oz” story. The musical includes a love triangle, confronting aggressors and corruption, all the time while Elphaba struggles to discover the truth about her family.

Hansen said he loves bringing big shows known as “bad guys” to new audiences across the country, and hopes to bring his character back to life in Madison.